Solutions for information technology specialists :-

  • Website / Web-shop designers
  • System integrators
  • Service providers
  • App / IOT Designers
Some of the main features :-

Use OCAT to create and maintain multiple product catalogues. Use the catalogue data to create websites, web-shops, custom apps and databases for tablets and IOT devices etc.

Give your clients permission based access to their catalogue so they can keep their product data up to date. It’s much easier for them to use OCAT than log in to a complex e-commerce back end!

OCAT Supports multiple catalogues and sub catalogues in the same system. Clever use of hierarchy and permissions means you can host the catalogues for all your clients and manage them using one interface.

Our systems can process orders automatically from all the sales channels you’ve set up for your clients and deliver them to your customers ERP systems.

When orders are received OCAT can automatically run tasks that export and FTP them to other systems.

Set up templates and tasks that automatically send emails when an order’s status changes.

Import catalogue data from any system using our mapping and file transfer tools.

Create data import tasks using the OCAT data mapping and importing tools.

The OCAT Feed templating system and the built in task manager enable seamless data feed creation. Export data in any format so it can be imported into practically any system manually or automatically using our task based file transfer tools.

All importing and exporting of data can run automatically so your customers catalogues and systems are always up to date.

OCAT’s task manager enables the chaining of import / export tasks. For example a category import could be run before a product import then an SQLite database creation. The created database will have the most up to date data that’s been imported in the correct order.

OCAT is completely configurable by you so it suits your customers workflow and systems.

There’s a lot more!

OCAT Admin (for administrators) is a very sophisticated system that does a lot more than we’ve listed above. Please contact us for more information.