New release info – August 14th 2021

This update will be installed on Sunday the 15th. OCAT will be offline for about 1 hour on Sunday morning

In addition to the below, we’ve also made some under the hood performance improvements and fixed some small bugs

Order Item Detail Editor

The popup editor for adding additional details to your quote’s items (products) now has alignment buttons. To make room we removed the undo & redo buttons which most people use the keyboard shortcuts for (E.g ctrl-z)

Instances can have multiple address details

You can now enter two different business addresses for use on quotes, orders, invoices etc. This new feature is especially useful if you have two different companies or trading names

We are currently working on new templates (share button) that use these different addresses. Look for the A or B prefix in the template name

These two new templates are currently live:-

  • OCAT Quote QX A – Uses the A address details
  • OCAT Quote QX B – Uses the B address details

Invoice templates to follow shortly

Credit to the folks at ProAptivity / JI Software who inspired us to add this new feature


That’s all folks – Kind regards – The OCAT Dev team