Some things that need changing / improving

We are continually developing our platform to support new features and take a hand crafted, rather than a mass produced approach to our software development

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please tell us and we will try and include them in our road map. Updates can be as often as weekly and we usually do this on Sundays

We want to be open and transparent with our software and its ‘features’ so here’s the current list of things that need changing, improving

This page was last Updated in April 2022

1: Help Pages & Videos – Updated

After adding many new features still some work to do to bring the in-app help up to date. In the meantime please just ask us if anything isn’t clear or you have a question. We are always pleased to help

We have recently added many more help pages & more button hover popups 

2: Sales & Order Processing – Stage 1 complete

In Dec 2021 we finished stage two of our Sales & Order Processing modules. Whilst it is a fully functional, feature rich implementation, there are some things we would like to change and improve. The next release will add lots more functionality. In particular better reporting for things like outstanding sales & purchase invoices

3: Ledgers – Sales & Purchase

OCAT Quotes & Orders doesn’t have sales and purchase ledgers. Although it is possible to see outstanding invoices and make / receive payments, an account summary is currently not available. Please use your accounting software for VAT, debt age and statements etc

4: Sharing Orders / Invoices – No page break summaries

Printed orders, invoices etc don’t have page breaks. Whilst the details will print well over many pages; page summaries are not possible. You can export the data in the grid to a spreadsheet or create a feed and import the data into your accounts package

5: Product Variants – Planned feature – Updated

The OCAT App currently doesn’t support creating product variants. For more information please see this help page about SKUs, variants & groups. This features is currently in active development

Stage 1 of Product Variants is now being tested

6: Product Serial Numbers – Purchase ordering

If you order products that have serial numbers each product must have it’s own line item on the purchase order even if it’s the same product. If that doesn’t work for you then you can also enter multiple serial numbers in the same box. Either way they are easily searchable using the order search popup

7: Purchase Orders – Supplier not auto-set in Back to back purchase orders

When using OCAT in a CRM like Maximizer to create a ‘back to back’ purchase order from a sales order, OCAT does not automatically set the supplier. Please do this manually on the order details page

Creating purchase orders after selecting the supplier in the CRM will automatically set the supplier

8: Invoices, Stock Issues & Receipts – Read only

Invoices, Stock Issues & Receipts are currently not editable after saving. This will change in a future version when we implement sales and purchase ledgers (see 3 above)

9: Invoices – Payments

Invoices currently only support one payment. If you receive a part payment from your customer then enter that amount. When the customer pays the outstanding amount, edit the total amount paid to reflect that final payment. Invoices will show as overdue when the invoice total is more than the payment amount and the date date due has passed. This will no longer be a limitation when we implement sales ledgers

10: Chats & Remarks

Dragging and dropping emails to remarks is a bit hit and miss. This is a web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) related issue as not all of them support this functionality very well

12: Grid / Tree List – Column chooser names not sorted – Updated

Unfortunately the list of columns in the column chooser cannot be sorted alphabetically

New search box added at the top of the list that makes finding columns a lot easier

14:  Feeds – Timeout when feeds takes a long time

Sometimes the feed creation tasks that run in the background on our servers can take a long time (more than a couple of minutes) and the browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) will timeout waiting for it to finish. This timeout will pop up a ‘whoops’ message. Your feed will still be created

Please check the feeds folder on your o-drive to download it when it has finished

15: Document numbers – Not user definable

The codes OCAT Generates for Quotes, Orders, Invoices etc are not currently user definable. For example you can’t tell OCAT to start all invoices at number 1000 and all purchase orders from 2000. OCAT Automatically generates a unique random order code that starts with OCAT that you can override. If you want to use your own number sequence then simply replace the code generated with your number (it must be unique). You will have to increment and keep track of your number sequence manually

One of the main reasons we generate this unique code is because OCAT can be used to pull (download) orders from online shops. Shops use many different formats of order numbers and sequences, so we chose to generate a code that can be easily identified and unique

When Invoices / Stock Issues / Purchase Orders etc are created from the original order, OCAT adds a three digit suffix. It doesn’t add a suffix like INV or STK etc as that would make it language specific. E.g. Invoice in French is Facture and in German it is Retuning. We do have plans to make this more user definable in the near future

16: Warehouses – Order processing limit

OCAT Supports multiple warehouses, and stock can be adjusted in or out from all of them. However, only one warehouse’s inventory / stock can be allocated to order processing

17: CRM Integration – Linking suppliers & customers –  Updated

Were not entirely happy with this interface for linking customers and suppliers to address book entries. Our development team is currently working on making this functionality easier to use. More information about at the bottom of this help page

This has recently been updated to a newer, better designed version that’s a lot easier to use

Some things that need fixing (aka bugs)

Known bugs that we’re working on