Some things that need improving or fixing


Help Pages and videos – Need updating

After adding many new features we’ve quite a lot of work to do bringing the in app help up to date. In the mean time please just ask us if anything isn’t clear or you have a question. We are always please to help

O-Drive – Delete file whoops

When you delete a file OCAT sometimes pops up the Whoops message. You can safely ignore this message & simply press the delete button a second time

Grid / Tree List – Columns names not sorted

Unfortunately the list of columns in the column chooser are not sorted alphabetically

Sharing orders, invoices – No page break summaries

Printed orders, invoices etc don’t have page breaks. Whilst the details will print well over many pages; page summaries are not possible. You can export the data in the grid to a spreadsheet orĀ  create a feed and import the data into your accounts package

Feeds – Timeout when feeds takes a long time

Sometimes the feed creation tasks that run in the background on our servers can take a long time (more than a couple of minutes) and the browser (Chrome, Firefox) will timeout waiting it for it to finish. This will timeout will pop up a whoops message

Your feed will still be created. Please check the feeds folder on your o-drive to see if it has finished

Product variants – Planned feature

The OCAT App currently doesn’t support creating product variants. For more information please see this help page about SKUs, variants & groups