OCAT Tree List

Unlike grids, tree lists display data in a hierarchical / tree like structure where each row of data can have child rows associated with them

The tree list is a very powerful, spreadsheet like tool with lots of options for sorting, filtering, exporting and customization

Use the little reveal triangle on the far left of the row to reveal the child rows

The below example shows order OCATG3DLA6 with it’s children revealed. Whereas the other orders have their children hidden because the user has not clicked on the reveal triangle

Sorting Data By Columns

Display the data in ascending or descending order by clicking on thin arrow to the far right of the column name

Filtering Data By Columns

There is an additional search / filter option just below the column name. Enter some text to the right of the magnifying glass to achieve this

Clicking on the magnifying glass reveals filtering options

Reorder & Resize Columns

Drag and drop the columns around to re-order them. If you can’t see a column you might have to scroll to the left or the right

Adding / Removing Columns

Use the column chooser to add or remove columns from the grid. To remove a column drag it from the grid to the column chooser

Unfortunately the list of columns isn’t currently sorted alphabetically so you may have to scroll up and down the list to find the one you want. Or search for it at the top of the list. If you can’t see the column in the list it might have already been added but to the far left or the right. Scroll the grid to locate it

After a search

When using tree list view, the search results will always display any child or parent items that are related to the search results. The items that OCAT has added will have their code suffixed with the plus sign. See below order OCATEKSQAS which has a + at the end of it:-

Managing your layouts

Video on how to add, change, clone and save your layouts so you can recall them at a later date

For more information about automatically added rows please see this page about order searching