Product Code

The product code must be unique. If you are adding a product, use the automatically created one, or your own code, or a combination of both

If you are editing a product, the code cannot be edited once it has been created

EAN Code

The EAN code is optional

Product Type

Select Simple as the Product Type to create a simple product

Select Grouped to create a product range to include variants, like various colours of the same product


The name of the product is used when there is no translations for the product


The manufacturer name is optional

Cost & Sales Price

The cost price & sales prices here are used when the product is not on a price-list


Enter how many of the product you have in stock

On Order

Enter how many of the product you have ordered

Lead Time

Lead time is optional. You can enter a value for reference purposes

Weight & Volume

Enter the weight in kg, and the volume


Active determines whether the product is visible or not

Non Stock Item

Tick Non Stock Item for stock that you don’t keep

Description & Short Description

Description and short description text is used when there are no translations for the product

These are boxes for simple text. The translations allow you more editing options like bullet points


Please make sure you save your modifications


If you need more help, please create a support ticket