Price List Types

OCAT Supports multiple price lists. There are currently three types

  • List type price lists
  • Derived type price lists
  • Derived type price lists with products

Price lists can be used for purchase or sales prices. Here’s an example list of price lists:-

The annotations are referenced later in the page

List Type

List type price lists have a list of products and prices. You may add as many products as you want to each one

Derived Type

Derived price lists calculate product prices based on the prices in another price list. I.e they derive the prices from another list

Unlike list type of price lists they have a Factor & Markup value. Both of which can be used. Here are some typical uses:-

  • Markup the purchase cost by a percentage
  • Factor the purchase cost by an exchange rate [1]

A derived price list can derive from another but there must be a List Price List that the first one in the chain can get a price from

Sort order is important (see below)

Derived Type – With products

Derived with products are the same as derived except they have a list of products. Only products that are on this list are marked up or factored

Sort Order

When OCAT calculates the price (cost or sales) it uses the price list with the lowest sort order first

The sort order can be any number but it’s a good idea to leave a gap between them so you have room to insert a new one at a later date

If a product has a price on a price list with sort order of 1000 & a price on a price list with sort order of 9000 the price on the price list with the sort of of 9000 will be used

In the above screenshot you can see that the price list ‘Surcharged Shipping – Plus 10’ [2]  has a lower sort order than the price list ‘PNG Cost – less 7’ [3]

If the sort order is the same then OCAT will use the oldest (created) price list

It’s not a good idea to have duplicate sort orders. OCAT Will not prevent you from doing this!

Product price & cost

If you don’t use price lists or their isn’t a price for a product available then OCAT will use the price or cost from the product’s detail page



Is it possible to use the word price and list any more times than I have on this page 🙂