Link, Create, Push Buttons

Select Address Book Entry

When you select an address book entry OCAT will automatically select the customer / supplier in the list if it is already linked. The buttons available will be different if a link was found (or not)

Link Button

The link button enables you to create a link between an address book entry and an OCAT Customer / Supplier

This button would typically be used after marketing to an existing CRM address book entry – “Use our online shop – It’s great!” The CRM entry then places their first order on the shop. OCAT will download (pull) the order from the shop and create a customer in OCAT which needs linking to the CRM entry

More about platforms and linking here

Create Button

The create button will create a new customer / supplier in OCAT and link it to the selected CRM address book entry. Please see point 3 (towards bottom of this page) about duplicate entries

Push Button

Use this button to update the CRM address book entry using the OCAT customer / supplier billing address

Remove Link Button

The Remove Link button removes the link between the OCAT customer / supplier and the CRM address book entry

Other Buttons

Link Info Button

This button pops up a table showing you all the links OCAT has for the customer / supplier (aka platform information) This list will include address book links and any other platforms (like online shops) that OCAT is keeping track of

In the above example the OCAT Customer Anne is linked to the Maximizer (Platform) CRM entry Anne. The Maximizer Id that OCAT is keeping track of is the long code in the Platform Id column

Use the trash can button to delete entries from this list (remove links) Deleting requires a confirmation code

Deleting links is a bad idea and should only be used when the links are in a real mess. Please contact support before you use this dangerous red button!