Edit the details of a quote / order / invoice etc.


This must be unique. OCAT Will automatically assign a unique number for you which you can change before saving it for the first time


Some text to easily identity it in the list

ERP Code

Optional code you can use if your order / invoice etc has a different code / number in your accounts system


More text to describe the Quote / Order / Invoice etc


Additional text where you can add remarks and can be displayed by to the customer / supplier when they share it with them. Alternatively use Chat Remarks which are private, date and time stamped.

Created / Changed

OCAT Will automatically set and update these dates

Start Date & End Date

Use these dates for subscription based orders, or orders that require scheduling. You can search for orders with either of theses dates using the Order / Quote Search popup

Click on the little calculator button to automatically fill in these dates based on the item / product start end dates (earliest & latest dates are used)


The currency is used when sharing or printing the Quote / Order / Invoice etc. All figures stored by OCAT are in your local currency


Assign the status to reflect where in your business process this Quote / Order / Invoice etc is. The status effects the stock / availability of the products you sell.

OCAT Uses the status to assign / report on your inventory. Statuses that are excluded from the inventory calculations are:-

  • Quote
  • Fullfilled
  • Cancellled

All the other statuses effectively bring the Order, Invoice, Stock Receipt, Stock Issue into the focus of the inventory calculations

Live Quote Active

Selecting this means the customer / supplier can view the Quote or Order online. When you click on the share button :-

The option to share a live link will not be visible