Order Statuses

Order statuses play an important part in the business processes and how stock / availability is shown in OCAT

The visible list of order status always include the basic items plus any that are specific to platforms you connect to. E.g Woo-commerce

Quote or Order – Differentiated by status

A quote is just an order with the status Quotation / Offer

Active & In-active statuses

When OCAT Displays inventory information (Qty Shipped, Qty Invoice etc) it uses the status decide if the order’s totals are included in this summary figures. To display the inventory summary click on any of the inventory buttons at the top right of the product grid:-

Statuses fit into two groups:-

  • Active – Ordered quantities are included in the inventory summary
  • In-active – Ordered quantities are not included in the inventory summary

In-Active statuses

  • OCAT Quotation / offer
  • OCAT Despatched
  • OCAT Fulfilled
  • OCAT Cancelled

Active statuses

All the other stauses are active statuses. The quantities of product on orders with these active statuses are reflected in the inventory summary

Sending & Receiving Items

When you send items or receive items OCAT automatically changes the status of an order:-

  • All the stock has been sent or received – Status changes to OCAT Despatched
  • Stock has been partially sent or received – Status changes to OCAT Partially Despatched
  • Stock has been over sent or received – Status changes to OCAT Over Despatched