Stripe Payments

Whilst Stripe payments are not automatically available in OCAT you can use their payment links on your Quotes / Orders

Get a link

Stripe has a great way to get a payment link which you can insert with some text, “Pay Now” into a Quote / Order

Please follow the Stripe instructions here on how to get the link

Insert the link on the Quote / Order

The easiest way to do this is to add it as detail text to the last product (item) on your quote:-

  • Open the quote to edit it
  • Click on the Products tab
  • Select the last product and click on the little paw icon to the left of the product name


OCAT Will popup an editor where you can add text, pictures and links to the description that’s displayed under the product when you share it

  1. Insert a few lines so the payment link appears well below the product name
  2. Type the text where you want the link to be “Pay now by clicking here”
  3. Select the text and click the link button on the top right


Insert the link you got from Stripe and click on Ok:-

Finally save the Quote / Order. When your customer opens the live doc it will have the link to the product payment you previously set up in Stripe

You can also add Credit and Debit card images and perhaps some more specific terms and conditions text


OCAT Currently doesn’t record the payment. You will need to do this manually after creating and invoice or handle it in your accounts software

Full integration of Stripe payments is on our roadmap for 2021