Searching Quotes / Orders / Stock Issues / Stock Receipts / Invoices

Use the search popup to find text / products and filter the list for quotes, sales order, purchase order, stock receipt, stock issues & invoices

Search results depend on the view you have selected – Tree View or List View (more at the bottom of this page)

Dates & Scope

Enter the start and end date range

Choose the scope for the range:-

The scope is used to select which dates are used in the date ranges

  • Date Created & Date Changed scopes can be used for all types (Quotes, orders , invoices etc)
  • Start Date & End date scopes are typically used for scheduling and subscription searches
  • Start Date & End dates for products scopes can be used for ordered product expiration, shelf life or subscriptions
  • Due date scope is for sales or purchase invoices

Type & Status Filters

Use the Type drop-down to filter the search results by type (Quote, order, Invoice etc.) Choosing any will include all types :-

Use the status drop-down to filter by status. Choosing any will include all statuses :-

The list of statuses you see will be different if you use OCAT to manage orders from online shops like Woo-commerce

Terms & Deep Search Options

Use search terms box to find words separating each word with a space. Search looks in the code, name, description & remarks

Use the deep option to extend the search to line item text, details / serial numbers, addresses and chat remarks

Low page sizes make searches faster. You’ll still see all the results just spread over more pages

Product Searches

There are two additional, product based search buttons at the bottom. They are only visible if you have products in your cart or products selected in the catalogue browser

Selected Products – Searches for the products that are selected in the catalogue browser

Products In Cart – Searches for the products that are currently in the sales or purchase cart

Effect of the selected order view on search results – Tree / List

The order list can be displayed either as a Tree View or a List View. Click on the Cog at the top right of the order grid to change this.

When in Tree View mode OCAT will include orders that are parents of the search results. I.E child search results like invoices, stock receipts etc will always include their parent entry (Order, Purchase Order)

“Children are not allowed on the tree without their parents”

When using tree list view the search results will alwaysdisplay any child or parent rows that are related to the search results. The rows of data that OCAT has added will have their code suffixed with the plus sign. See below order OCATEKSQAS which has a + at the end of it:-

In List View mode, only the orders / invoices / quotes etc that meet the search filters & conditions will display. Use this view if you are exporting invoices with the feed button.