Load carts with existing quotes / orders

You can put selected quotes / orders in the sales or purchase cart by clicking one of the in cart buttons at the top left of the order grid:-

Use the gold cart button for orders / quotes and the blue cart button for purchase orders

To load the cart with a single order, select it and click the cart button. To load multiple orders into the cart, shift click the relevant button

If the Code, Cost, Price and Tax Rate are the same OCAT will total up the items. If they are different a separate line will be created even though the product code is the same

After clicking on the cart button your new cart will display on the top right. It will be gold or blue depending on which in cart button you clicked


Once the cart has products you cannot load it with more quotes / orders. Save or delete your cart to empty it. You can however use the catalogue browser to add more products to the cart

CRM Intergration

When you convert and save a sales cart inside a CRM integration like Maximizer, OCAT will use the selected address book details. Purchase orders use you address details

OCAT will also manage, where possible, the links between the address book entry and OCAT supplier / customer. Click here for more information on linking