Create Export File – Feed

Select the invoices you want to export and subsequently import into an accounts system like Xero or Quickbooks

Then click the yellow feed button to display the options required to create the feed:-

Select the Feed name – 1

In above example we are going to be creating a feed for importing invoices into Xero

Select the language -2

If you use different languages for the product names you can select that here

Click create feed – 3

OCAT starts a task to create your feed that runs in the background on our servers. A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the page

You can continue your work while this task is running. When it has finished OCAT will popup a message:-

To download the file click on the link ‘here

O-Drive Location

If you missed the popup the file will have been automatically saved in the Data/Feeds folder of your o-drive (under the catalogue menu in the main app) :-

Click on the cloud icon to download it

Feed Creation Notes

You can select orders, invoices or a mixture of both to create the accounts feed. Don’t select stock issues / receipts as they don’t have any pricing data

OCAT Will skip detail / text lines because they aren’t ‘real’ products and therefore can’t be imported

Import Feed – Accounts Software

Please refer to your accounts software help to find out how to import the feed created by OCAT