Quick Start – Stuff you need to know

Help pages that cover some of the essential, need to know topics. If you have any questions please just ask. We are always pleased to help

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General Info

Browsers & compatibility

What you need to know about using our app on your computer and supported devices

Grid layouts, filtering & exporting data

How to change the layout of the grids used to display data like orders and products

Tree list layouts & filtering data

How to change the layout of the tree lists used to display data like orders and products

Quick layout recall buttons

How to save & recall your favorite grid / tree list layouts

Company details – A & B

About your details and how they are displayed on quotes, orders & invoices


Order Searching

How to search for quotes / orders / invoices / stock issues etc using dates, keywords

OCAT Engage – Sharing quotes / orders

How to share your quote / order with existing and potential customers and add payment buttons

Sales & purchase carts – Add from product catalogue

Browse your product catalogue and create sales / purchase carts to create quotes, sales orders & purchase orders

Sales & purchase carts – Load from exsiting orders

How to use the sales and purchase carts to create quotes, sales orders & purchase orders using existing orders

Creating invoices, stock issues & receipts

Use your quote / order to create invoices, stock issues. Creating stock receipts & invoices from purchase orders

Exporting invoices to accounts systems

How to create data files that you can import into accounts systems like QuickBooks and Xero

Order Statuses

Order statuses, their effect on business processes & inventory data

Order Details

Input boxes on the order details page

Stripe Payments – OCAT Engage

Use OCAT Engage to add a Stripe Payment button to your Quote / Order


Product prices & price lists

Managing your product prices and price lists

Product stock, availability & warehouses

Managing your product stock, warehouses and viewing availability

Customers & suppliers

Linking with OCAT customers & suppliers

Managing and update the links between all the systems that OCAT connects to. How CRM Address books link to OCAT customers and suppliers


Known issues / problems

A list of the problems / issues we are aware of and currently working on & work arounds

Whoops – Something didn’t work properly

What to do when you get a Whoops


This page was last updated in May 2023