Browser Support

We currently fully support Google Chrome, Firefox and Brave on a display of at least 1920 x 1080

OCAT Apps are not fully compatible with some tablets (see below note) & currently not at all compatible with smartphones

Tablet Notes

OCAT Apps will work on some tablets but the key thing is the display size

OCAT Apps are currently designed to work on displays with a resolution of at least 1920 X 1080, which is not well supported by some tablets. If your tablet has a nice big screen then it should work just fine using one of the compatible browsers

We have tested the OCAT Quotes & Orders App on a 2021 Apple iPad. We found that changing the Page Zoom to 75% in ‘Settings For Websites’ improves layouts on smaller screen sizes


Brave Notes

When using Brave, the setting ‘Allow cross site Cookies’ should be set to ‘Allow all cookies’

Go to Brave -> Settings -> Shields

Scroll down a little and select ‘Allow all cookies’ on the right of the Cookies option

You don’t need to change the Device recognition option below it

Firefox Notes

When using the OCAT App in another host (eg Maximizer CRM) Firefox will let you login to the OCAT App inside the host. Ie. The App will work without previously logging into it in another tab.

Safari Notes

Safari is not fully supported but it does work. This is because some users have reported it difficult, on occasions to login & start the app