CRM & ERP Systems Integration will strengthen your business

Businesses often employ two systems to make sure business processes run smoothly. Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), offer solutions to businesses of all sizes. OCAT Quotes & Orders Maximizer CRM Integration gives businesses full control and visibility of all aspects of their business in one online app

When new or existing customers contact you, the first point of contact from a software point of view, will be your CRM. Details of previous interactions like telephone calls and meetings can be easily viewed. Without integrating the CRM & ERP the user has to switch to another app to find out information on orders, stock availability and outstanding invoices etc. The OCAT Integration for Maximizer CRM makes all the key business data available in one place

Reacting quickly to sale inquiries

Reacting quickly to sales inquiries by sending quotations with a pay now button dramatically increase the chance of closing the sale. You can’t do that as quickly and efficiently if your ERP & CRM software are separate, non integrated systems

Along with all the features you’d expect from a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) like Maximizer; OCAT adds direct access to inventory, invoices, quotations & much more without having to open up other apps. All the ERP systems data you need is available in one place

Cost effective integrated solution

Using one fully integrated system for both your ERP & CRM can also be a more cost effective solution. For example sales team members don’t need access to sales & purchase ledgers. They don’t need to do the tax returns or pay employees. This can save businesses money by reducing the number of licenses required to access unused functionality in the company’s ERP software

OCAT Quotes & Orders integration for Maximizer CRM

A fully featured CRM with integrated ERP. Select any CRM contact & see orders, invoices, purchases quickly in one seamlessly integrated web app. Integrating an ERP & CRM means all the information you need to run your business is just there, when you need it in an easy to use online web application

Screenshot of a typical CRM with integrated ERP

See how Maximizer CRM with ERP integration can help your business by watching our short ERP & CRM Integration video