The B2B Catalogue Manager, like no other

OCAT makes it easy for your B2B customers to order your products and re-sell your products. Our apps make your catalogue available on-line so you can offer services that keep your customers buying your products. Here are just a few of the amazing features :-

  • An easy to use, fully featured product / catalogue manager
  • A secure B2B Portal where your customers can place orders
  • Where your customers can create gorgeous quotes for their customers
  • Easily export catalogue data for accounts software
  • Export data to creating web-shops for you and your customers
  • Drop-ship and full-fill orders for your customers


 Manage your catalogue of products with the catalogue manager

OCAT Simplifies managing your products. It’s not like using complex on-line shop software.

 Manage quotes and orders with the order editor

Available to you and your customers. Use our fantastic, fully featured quoting tool to create quotes. You customer’s quotes can automatically become orders when they change the status to Drop-ship, Fullfill or any other status you prefer.

 Use OCAT Feeds to export your data

Use feeds to create web shops, websites, price-lists, databases etc. Easily export orders to your accounts / ERP system.

The OCAT Feed templating system and the built in task manager enable seamless data feed creation. Export data in any format so it can be imported into practically any system automatically or manually.

Product editor

Easily edit & update your product’s details with our simple, intuitive interface. Your customers can create and update their own products which they can use on their quotes alongside yours.

Translation editor

Create and edit translations for all your products and categories. You customers can create their own translations for the products and categories so their version of your catalogue is unique to them but always based on yours.

Prices editor

Setup simple or complex pricing rules and price lists for your customers. Your customers can setup their own prices based on yours which they can then use for their quotes and offers.

Flexible permissions – Your data and it’s security is important!
  • Set permissions on products, categories, translations price lists etc.
  • Use groups, users , customers and customer groups for permissions
  • When your customers log into the portal they can only see what you want them to see
  • When they log in they can only do what you want them to do
  • It’s your data. We help you make it available securely in a controlled way

Permissions example : Restrict exporting the product data in specific categories for certain customers.